If you have ever been to Switzerland, you have probably watched the TV channel SRF. They are a part of a big network of TV channels, but SRF is the leading channel for the German speaking part of Switzerland. They have a great website giving you the chance to watch old programs and their live stream, but they do require you to have an IP address in Switzerland to enjoy the content.

SRF from abroadThe goal of this page, Watch from Abroad, is to give information on how you can watch channels such as SRF from abroad, from outside the nation in which the channel is normally broadcasted. That information is very useful, especially if you are used to watching a channel and a special program, but due to travel plans, business meetings or maybe a holiday you are currently located outside your nation, in this case Switzerland, and then it can be comforting and relaxing to watch your favorite programs online on SRF and other Swiss TV channels. But, how can that be done? After all, whenever you try to watch SRF from outside Switzerland you get an error message telling you that it does not work.

Time to watch SRF

Therefore, to be able to watch SRF from abroad, you will need to get rid of the error message, and to throw it out the window you need to get yourself a Swiss IP. The way of getting a Swiss IP is to use HideMyAss, one of the biggest and best VPN providers in the world. They have servers in more than 60 nations, and one of those is Switzerland. As you sign up for their services you can connect to all servers in all nations, and you get access to all of that for a little monthly fee. In addition they have a guarantee, meaning that if you are not satisfied, you will get your money back (if you use less than 10GB of bandwidth and complain within 30 days).

HideMyAss website

It is that easy. Visit the HideMyAss website and get started today. You can find yourself watching SRF online from outside Switzerland on only a few minutes! If you want to find out more about HideMyAss before continuing, read my honest HideMyAss review first.